Saturday, July 18, 2009

June Joys

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Friday, July 17, 2009

June Recap- Hospitals, Heat, and Happiness

June was a very eventful month for the Texas Reber family.

The last week of May we went to Sea World which was a blast. Eliza loved swimming, seeing the dolphins and whales and running us ragged.

The next day Ava started running a temperature and acting very sluggish, so Terah took her to the hospital and they didn't see anything significant on the preliminary tests. They gave her a shot of antibiotics and sent her home. The next day, they called us and said she had a urinary tract infection that had caused a blood infection. Obviously, this was very serious and she was admitted to the hospital for a week of IV antibiotic treatment and care.

This happened to be my first week of second semester, so I had to miss quite a bit of class. That made for a stressful period after trying to make up for lost time.

Our hatred of staying in hospitals was reinforced by the wonderful doctors and nurses coming into our room every half hour or so to check vitals, ask questions, ask the same questions again, etc. Needless to say, we got very little sleep and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

We were discharged and had a home health service administer the remaining week's dose of antibiotics. Ava is the toughest baby ever. She has had to endure more doctor's visits, injections, blood draws, and medication than me and Terah in our lives combined.

That was just the beginning of June.

The 3rd week of June was exciting. Ava got her glasses and totally changed. It turns out that she is very far sighted and needed some help. Terah almost cried to see Ava looking around and focusing on faces and smiling. She has exploded developmentally since. She improved 100% in smiling, reaching for objects, kicking, and so on.

I remember the first time I put on my glasses. I could see the leaves on trees! It was amazing and I can only imagine what Ava discovered. It is such a blessing to have these little spectacles.

We were then blessed the last week of June and 4th of July weekend to have Grandma and Grandpa Reber, Papa Cowboy and Nana, and Great Grandma Kate visit us. I blessed her Sunday morning with the help of Grandpa Reber, Papa Knudsen and the Bishop. It went beautifully and was a very special moment for us.

Then, after church, Terah noticed that Ava was in a lot of pain. When she changed her diaper she found what we would later find out was a "prolapsed ureterocele". This was very alarming and was obviously the cause of her distress. We rushed her to the hospital and ended up being transferred to the hospital where her pediatric urologist works so he could care for her. The rest of that night we would like to forget. She was in exquisite pain.

After two procedures, the ureterocele reduced and her condition improved greatly. She again received antibiotics to ward off infection and was discharged 2 days later. She was followed up a week later and they found nothing significant. The ureterocele is a birth defect in her bladder and may cause problems in the future for her urinary system. We hope and pray that it causes no further complications.

This harsh trial came at a very fortunate time. We had the help of the grandparents. Grant, Kathe, Melvin, Debbie and Kate- thank you so much for helping in so many ways. We hope you had good time with us! We hope to not tour the local hospitals every time you visit.

Through these trials, we have been blessed to have wonderful family and friends to help. God has blessed us with strength and energy to carry on. We are blessed to be in a time and place where we can access medical care we desperately need. Our family has grown close and our love for eachother and the Lord has grown strong. We thank the Lord for our family and everyone who has helped us or prayed for us. It has been lifting us up.

We hope July is cooler and calmer here in Texas.