Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coming Home Soon?

Today, we got to spend some good time with Ava.  This was made possible by Grandma Reber.  Thanks!  

The lil' princess could be coming home soon.  Her feeding is her last obstacle keeping her in the NICU.  She is eating about 1oz and needs to get 1.5-2oz every three hours.  She is improving on her eating skills.  We are so proud of her.  This is biggest thing she has had to do in her life.  It is a big milestone learning how to down a bottle in less than 20 min.

Also, the PIC line (arm IV) was taken out today.  She only has 1 line in her body now, the nasal stomach tube used to feed her her medicine and any milk she doesn't finish.  She still has the little electrical leads and pulse oximiter to moniter her vital signs, but we don't count these.  

Because she is eating so well she is pounding on the weight.  In her first week of life, she has gained a whopping 3 oz!  This is good.  Usually, babies lose a little weight their first week.

Hopefully, we will get to have our Ava at home this week.  Our family needs to be together!

Enjoy the pics and thanks again for all the prayers and love.


  1. It's great to hear that she just keeps getting better! I hope that you get to bring her home soon! YAY Ava!

  2. Thats what kept Olivia in the hospital for 2 extra weeks. She would not eat well enough and fast enough for her to come home. All JS baby seem to have feeding problems. Praying that she eats better so she can come home. She looks just like Olivia when she was born.