Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday evening update

Heavenly Father sure has blessed us!  Terah and I were taught some great lessons on patience and faith over the last few days.  After over 37 hours in labor, Ava joined us.  After Terah started pushing, she came out very quickly, but our hearts were torn as the doctors rushed her out of the room to get her breathing.  Terah had me follow her into the NICU to keep watch over her.  This was so hard for Terah to not be with her.  As Ava made small steps, I relayed her status to Terah.  She was stabilized as the previous post said, and here are some updates on her current condition.


As posted earlier, she needed help breathing.  They have taken out the intubation tube and have a CPAC machine aiding her breath through some short tubes into her nose.  Her little chest rising and falling is so reassuring.  


The cardiologist examined her heart and large vessels (straw size).  He found the coarctation of her aorta to be present, however, her circulatory system is developing.  The changes that occur in the next few days will determine the extent of her impairment and the urgency of corrective surgery.  The doc did say that if she did need a surgery that it would be the less severe option of two methods. We pray that she won't need surgery at all, but are grateful that this problem is looking to be minimized.


She peed and pooped!  Yay!  So far, she has had normal urine output volume although we were worried at first that she wouldn't go.  As long as she is urinating and doesn't get a urinary infection, this problem is on the back burner.


An ultrasound of her brain was conducted today and the results will be in tomorrow.  We had seen prenatally that she had some lesions in her brain so we expect there to be some abnormalities.  How this will effect her development and cognition remains to be seen.  We are hopeful that the ability of baby cells to adapt and overcome will win out.  She is alert and responsive.  Terah and I were talking to her and touching her hands and feet and she tried really hard to open her eyes.  She opened them and searched around for us as she could here us, but as you might know, newborns can't focus for a while.  She probably saw something like a sweet talking blob.  (similar to what I see when I take off my glasses)

Thanks for all of your prayers, help and good vibes.  We were truly blessed and strengthened by God and by all of your faith.  It is comforting to know that Jesus Christ has suffered all these things and has perfect love for us.  It is a hard life, but He has come before us to show us the way and lift us up when we need it.  Through His plan, families can be together FOREVER even after this life.  I thank Heavenly Father for my family and the blessings He gives to us every day and for giving His Son for us.  

Thanks for showing your love and support for us and for Ava- she thanks you too!  Terah and I are so excited for Ava to be here finally.  I had better get some rest. ROR


  1. It breaks my heart that I can't be there with you, Terah!! I love you and am here for anything you need! Call anytime! Your baby is a beauty!

  2. I just cried the whole time I was ready this! Nate and I are praying for all of you so happy she is pulling through and things are better than expected! She is so beautiful! Congrats and we love you guys! Nate and Dani

  3. Love the updates Rett and Terah, keep them coming! You are in our thoughts and prayers always. How's Eliza doing without you at home? Has she come to see Terah or Ava yet?

  4. Yep, Terah is home and Eliza has seen her lil sis. "cute"