Friday, March 13, 2009


I have been so sick this last week . Liz and i both have a nasty cold with double ear infections. Both of my ears ruptured on Wednesday and ive been in alot of pain. Poor lizzy has been sick too but I got her medicine in time and i dont think her ears will rupture. 

Today we are feeling a bit better at least Liz seams to be. She put on a dress-up outfit and was putting on makeup while i cleaned up the bathroom. I got a makeover also! - it goes so well with the pale sick look ive got going. Dad came home early and caught us beautifing and snapped some picts.

I can't tell you how great it feels to have friends and family that care so much for us. Thank you all for your support, prayers and encouragement. I know that Ava will be loved and cared for no matter what happens. We just feel sad that she has to go through this. We wish she was perfectly healthy, but we know the Lord is with us. 

Thanks agian, I hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Hope your feeling better soon.

  2. Oh I hate ear infections and being sick when you're pregnant is the WORST...You can't take ANYTHING!!! I am so sorry! I hope it goes away FAST!!! But on the Bright side, you and Eliza both look Absolutely Gorgeous with your makeovers! ;o)

  3. You are an awesome mom. I love that you let her make you over as well. You guys look great:D

  4. aaawwwww! Eliza just loves her mommy...what a fun time! Hope you both keep getting better! It's no fun to be sick and have a sick kid too! love you both!