Monday, January 19, 2009

Reber Antics

It is just another day in the Reber house!

Captain Paint Roller was on duty in the baby’s room, sharp shooting the crevices and making all things purple (and I must say being quit handsome while he was at it). But what’s more attractive than your man sweaty and covered in paint? Wow the fumes must be getting to me!

Eliza Mae was definitely not dressing up in my clothes – as you can see here! Lol she’s too cute for her own good.


  1. I am jealous you are painting! I want to do some painting in our house, but waiting for the basement to get finished. Eliza is such a cutie!

  2. Hey, pretty lady!! I finally get to see some pics of your family since you've moved!! All I've gotten are a few measely(?) pics on my phone!! I love Liza! She's funny!

  3. LOL, thats too funny. She looks TOO cute! How are you doing down there? I wish we were in the "warmer" type of weather right about now! Anwyay, I hope you have a Great week! You and your family are in our prayers! TTYL! :o)

  4. So funny that kids think we can't see them when their eyes are covered!! How fun to be able to play dress up in your mom's room!! The painter does look quite talented at his skills too!